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2 August 2020

As many of those who are somewhat familiar with my work might already know, I have entered the art world as a consequence of a bet my brother Flavio and I made in December 1999 while visiting friends of friends’ studios in NYC.

In fact I had never meant to become an artist before that moment.

Well, it’s been twenty years since that January 2000 when I got my first studio while I was still based in London. Twenty years packed with things of all sorts, with many high ups and only one real down (the deepest down imaginable, though: the loss of my beloved brother). Dense and intense years indeed.

Now I feel it’s time to turn over a new leaf and start a new adventure. Still in the art world but under a new identity.

The thing is that in the meantime I got addicted to making art but – at the same time – also learnt to profoundly dislike the world around it, for a number of reasons.

So I’m gonna give it another try and start a new art career from scratch, using a pseudonym and – of course – never revealing my real identity.

For almost a year now, parallel to getting my “old” works finished, I’ve been producing a whole new body of work that I can’t give you any hint about. All I can tell you is that it is totally unrelated to what people who know my art have learnt to identify me with over the years – in terms of both imagery and tecnique.

So the work is ready to hit the market, now it’s just a question of finding some gallery willing to show it. Which – between you and me – is actually the hardest part. But hopefully it won’t take too long. Let’s see how it goes this time. Wish me luck and watch out for newcomers in the art scene. One of them could be me.

All the very best (especially to those of you who have supported me and my work over the years)