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Moleskine Bookshelf: Detour – Artists & Curators

Venture inside the notebooks of some of the world’s leading artists and curators bringing a unique perspective to their craft. Detour, published by Moleskine, was conceived to bring the behind-the-scenes of imagination out of the dark and into the light. The archive of over 250 notebooks that once belonged to some of the industry’s finest can be discovered in The Detour Book, which reproduces these precious pages for all to see. In the second part of our Detour series, we zoom in on some of the artists and curators who got involved. Where some pages lay bare all the turmoil of an artist’s struggle, others delight in the fun and fanciful. The notebook is the jumping-off point for this creative journey. Read on to discover these artists and their processes like never before.

Manfredi Beninati
Perhaps the most classical of the artists in this selection, Manfredi Beninati is anything but predictable. Brought to life with watercolour, chalks, black ink and coloured pencils, his notebook is a rich canvas of unbridled self-expression. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources, from Piero della Francesca to Andrei Tarkovsky, his work is cinematic in its seamless blend of drama and moments of serenity. Beninati has said he typically works on thirty to forty drawings at a time as “an organisation of the imagination”. Here is the starting point.

(The notebooks featured in this post belong to the Moleskine Foundation)